My name is Nailla Ikuzwe Karengera I am 40 years old, my parents taught me to make money from a young age, at a level that even if you give me grasses I can find customers for them. Although I’m good at business, I’m a bad person in love. For the past 20 years I have not been in love with a boy. The reason is that my parents and I did not usually stay in the same country for a long time because when we went to live in one country my parents started a business and then we took root and moved to another country to start another business. So when I was getting used to the place where I started to have friends I had to move. So now I posses most of those businesses and I manage them so I don’t have to sit in the same country for a long time. Not only that, but the main reason is that the guys are afraid of me and refuse to date me. The guy when we first met and cheered me on when he found out that I am Karengera’s girl, that boy never spoke to me again. Some are afraid of me and feel that I can not be in love with them because they are usually accustomed to squandering money, so they feel that they are superior and think that they have no chance with me. Others also say that if we love each other and live together I will never respect them because I have much fortune that then. But in me it’s not like that, even though I’m rich but I’m not proud, in my life I like to be humble, and to value everyone. So now I am looking for a guy who will accept that we can be in love together. I will never waste money, nor will I overpower him, I will respect him in every way possible, mine will be his, and all my property will be his. You have also assured me that I will not go to any country without his consent, I will stop some of my travels to give my boyfriend enough time, and where he will feel he wants to accompany me I will agree. The one who would really love me can contact me inbox. For Connection To Her Register Here. If you are already registered Click here.



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