My name is Gwiza Chanceline I am 26. I was married to my husband when I was 20 years old he was 11 years older than me. He was a good man with a good heart, every time we lived he never said bad things to me or hit me, he never harassed me, he gave me everything I wanted. One of the things that made me love him so much was that he used to talk to me and make me fun, when we were together I had no loneliness, but we found ourselves playing as if we were cousins. Ever since we were married I have seen him very intelligent with sound ideas, and he have advised me to start a business, and even helped me with my growing business. In fact, looking back, he was a good, quiet, honest man, but inside he was a scoundrel and a terrible liar.

I did not know the job he was doing was but he had told me he was a spy, which is why when he came home with a gun I would not have a problem with it, I found it normal, or he would have come home late at night, or he would not have come home and I was feeling like he is working. But he had lied to me because he was a thief who was involved in other armed robberies, so he was later arrested but what was said in court in his case made me very surprised and wondered if the person we were living with was a mystery to me. Because we knew each other when he is out of prison where he was for almost 10 years, but he told me that all that time he was in America where he lived 10 years, that was a lie. So when I heard of the charges against him I felt overwhelmed and the fear came over me. The charges against him were upheld and he was sentenced to life in prison because it was not the first time that he commit such thing. So that’s why I decided to ask for a divorce and now I’m looking for someone to date and live with. For Connection To Her Register Here. If you are already registered Click here to chat with her.



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  1. Welcome Gwiza, am ready to give you overall love , I know what love is it.
    Contact me through WhatsApp 0728350603

    Thank you

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