My name is Hakizimana Antoinette I am 40 years old.. When I was a girl I had nothing and I had a very bad life so even getting food was a big battle. I came to know a rich young man who loved me and asked me to live with him and I accepted. My husband seems to have taken me off the streets and he loves me and treats me well. I did not say that I was a gold digger following money but the hunger and bad life I was in that time, I was so scared that I ran to him as if I had no other choice. When we were together I respected him very much and he also loved me very much and did his best to make me happy. After giving birth to the first child I continued to respect him and I felt the love begin to change but he started to change, her personality and attitudes changed, he started drinking and even before he drank, he no longer respected me but he always told me that he took me out of bad life and that if I disrespected him he would throw me back where he found me on the street. I endured that, but because we lived together not out of love but out of hunger, he started to push me back into endurance and he chose to break up with me. So now I want to fall in love with a guy who has real love, and I will really love him. Because of the hardships I went through, even if that guy was poor I would love and respect him, take him out of this bad life, I will make him rich and save him and I will never blame him like my husband did I will not humiliate him not a single day. If you want it, contact me inbox.

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  1. Ko utavuga antoinette we njyewe ndagushaka ndakeka imyaka mfite ihagije 38 years rero niba koko uri seriously mvugisha 0722936496/0783029817

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