My name is Kabanda Marie Louise and I am 31 years old Rwandan, but I have been living in France since 2007 and I live and work in the north of the country. I would like to date a Rwandan or Burundian guy who lives in France or who lives in Rwanda but would agree to come and live here and live with me. I will help him in all requirements and more to get here. I wish a young man with true love would stick together. Because I don’t want to marry a white man because of the way they see things and how when things go wrong they immediately asks for a divorce. I have vowed in my life that I will live with one man and be separated buy only death. The man I want to date must be more than 30 years old, have no child and graduated from college (A0). Contact me inbox so I can reply quickly and by email he can email me but I don’t like to use it. My email is [email protected]. For Connection To He Register Here. If you are already registered Click here.



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